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Player: @Ghosthost#2017
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"I am not a Harlequin, I am she, the one called Artisan."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Ivy Cooke
Known Aliases: Artisan
Gender: Female
Species: Re-Animated Human
Ethnicity: African American
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: None
Relatives: Henry Cooke, Father (Deceased) Jillian Cooke, Mother (Unknown)
Age: Unknown
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 135 Lbs.
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Clear
Physical Build: Slim, Female
Physical Features: Always wears a mask
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 1 1/2
Citizenship: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: N/A
Known Powers and Abilities
Supernatural Archery, Type Four Immortality
Equipment and Paraphernalia
'Artisan' Costume
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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This page consists of information concerning the Second Artisan. For information concerning the Original Artisan, please consult this link: Artisan

"I am scarred. My voice, my face, my entire life; Filled with the wickedest of strife. The twisted metal was made my bed, and everyone had gone; left me for dead. It was that gift given to me, that gift that saved me. I am not a Harlequin, I am s/he, the one called Artisan." -The Creed of the Artisan


Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

Early Years

Born to a pair of traveling performers in a Circus, Ivy Cooke had a peculiar childhood. Her only real 'home' was the Big Top. Life was hard early on. By the age of six, Ivy had been enrolled in 18 different schools, but only for a brief period while the Circus was in town. Her parents had hoped that they were doing what was best for their daughter, trying to have her lead a semi-normal life. But normal seemed a foreign concept by the girl's 16th birthday. Her parents, having given up long before trying to give her a normal life, decided to incorporate her into their act, "The Captivating Cookes! The Royal Family of Magic and Suspense!"


The "Accident"

It seemed like an ordinary day, the kind of day that you forget once its over. The Cookes were preforming their latest act, which included Ivy, now age 18, looking at a mirror and using a Bow and Arrow to shoot an apple out of her father's mouth. The apple would then be revealed to contain a chosen card from the audience. It was quite the amazing trick and a great finisher to their act.

Everything was going smoothly; the selected audience member had chosen their card and signed it, Ivy's mother had made it disappear into a puff of smoke, and her father had placed the apple in his mouth. Everything the same as the last couple times they'd done the trick. It was only when Ivy raised her bow, looking in the mirror, that she noticed something was off. on the edge of her hearing there was a noise almost light a gnat's buzz. It slowly increased in volume and pitch until the sound in her ears was like faint microphone feedback. She shrugged it off, assigning the noise to a malfunction in the performers audio equipment. She drew the drawstring tight, squinting into the mirror, aiming for the apple...

With a loud crack, the mirror shattered, shards flying everywhere. The noise startled Ivy and she loosed the arrow by accident... too early. With a scream, Ivy's mother rushed to her husband, Ivy's arrow lodged deep in his neck. The young magician could only watch on in shock as the life drained from her father's eyes, crumpling to the ground.

The police called it a freak accident. A one in a million chance. But that didn't help Ivy with the guilt. Shortly afterwards, she packed what belongings she had into a backpack and began running. She didn't know how long she was going to run, nor did she know where to- she only knew she couldn't go anywhere near her mother or Knowhere Circus ever again.

Into Millennium

It was about a year later that Ivy found herself on the streets of Millennium City, penniless and hungry. She weighed only ninety seven pounds, looking more like a walking skeleton than a human being. Her first few nights were spent on the streets until a passerby helped her get to a homeless shelter. Lying about her age so as to avoid being put into foster care, she stayed at the shelter almost regularly for nearly a month, slowly filling out and getting some meat on her bones. She sometimes traded doing odd jobs around the shelter in return for warm clothing and food. It wasn't a lavish existence, but it was an alright one.

Still, she needed some cash if she was to get anywhere in her life, and did what came naturally. Remembering what her parents taught her, she took to the streets as a Street Performer, amusing passerby in the hopes that they would send a few coins her way. Being trained as a magician since she was born, Ivy had a natural talent for it. The way her hands moved and her ability to make nearly any object disappear with a wave of her hands and reappear in the pocket of someone she never touched was almost supernatural. In the end... she was too good.

A Misunderstanding

It was late one night. Ivy was on her way back to the shelter, having spent the day out on the streets performing. She didn't make too much- but then again, she never did. She was passing my a darkened alleyway when a shadow reached out and grabbed her, cutting off her scream before it could be voiced. A gag was thrust into her mouth, even as she voiced her muffled protests. Surrounding her were members of the Red Banner; their tattooed forms and oriental style of dress a dead giveaway. The leader of the small group - a shorter Japanese man with a bowler hat - demanded she hand over the source of her magical abilities. She shook her head, trying to explain that she wasn't magical- that it was all slight of hand. The man misunderstood the head shake and motioned to one of his comrades. With a quick motion and a flicker of a blade, Ivy's neck was slit. The wound was so deep, it severed her vocal cords. Soundlessly, she flopped to the ground and gurgled one last breath.

The gang members never did find the source of her magical powers. Mainly because there wasn't one.

There wasn't a lot of thinking Ivy could do. Not when she was bleeding out as quickly as she was. Her only thoughts were of her mother, and how she never got to say goodbye.

A shadow, darker than those of the alleyway, slowly engulfed her. And in the darkness of Millennium City, Ivy Cooke died.

Meeting Artisan and A Choice

Waking with a start, Ivy sat up - a hand going to her throat. There, she felt something... a massive scar running the width of her neck from ear to ear. She let out a shocked noise- or, tried to at least. While she did inhale sharply, no noise came from her. Blinking in surprise, she tried again. Once more there was no noise. Starting to panic, she covered her eyes- only to stop. Her hands were glowing, a faint trail of something akin to smoke following her movements. Looking down, she stood quickly. There she was- on the ground. But- she was here too. But she was there. And here. She was... a ghost?... Dead. She was... dead.

A hand placed itself on her shoulder - so soft that she almost didn't notice it at first. Turning, she stared wide eyed at a man wearing a white mask- almost like that of a medieval jester. With a soft motion, he called her to follow him. And so she did.


This was Artisan. Or, at least, An Artisan. He took his time explaining what had happened to her, allowing her to soak in the information at her own comfortable rate. She was dead, caught in some sort of Limbo state between the Living World and the Afterlife. A ghost. But Artisan wasn't a ghost. He was one of those few individuals who traveled between the worlds of the Living and the Dead. And he had stopped her from passing on; for a Job Offer.

She couldn't voice her questions, but he seemed to know what she was trying to say. He'd been the Artisan for many years now, and it was time to pass on the title- just as the previous Artisan had done to him. The choice was simple. Agree to become The Artisan and abandon your old life, effectively earning some bonus points with whoever was on the Afterlife side. Or continue on to the Afterlife, taking your chances.

She thought about it long and hard, and Artisan did not pressure her to make a choice - Just as what had happened to him. Eventually she agreed, sealing the deal with a handshake.

Training in Limbo

For the next two years, the new Artisan trained under her mentor. This training included some forms of combat, but where Artisan flourished was with the Bow and Arrow. Selecting that as her weapon of choice, she began a rigorous training regiment in order to solidify her mastery of the long range weapon. During this time, Artisan also gifted her The Infinity Sack; a simple appearing backpack that could hold virtually anything. Artisan found she could easily store her arrows inside and makes use of it instead of a quiver.

Kinda does look like Harlequin

Eventually, she learned all she could from Artisan. After a heartfelt farewell, he stepped beyond the boundaries of the White Room and vanished. A heavy sleep overtook Artisan and she collapsed onto the ground. When she re-awoke, she was once again in Millennium City and once again Artisan got back to work.

The Adventurers

((Work In Progress))


Artisan's appearance has changed over the years. Her first Outfit was much like her mentor's, consisting of many Mime-like accents. Among these was her Artisan mask- a smaller and more feminine version of the original, a black bowler hat with a green feather, a striped unitard, and a green sleeveless vest with a hood.

Since joining The Adventurers, her outfit has since been modified and changed to better adapt to the world around her. Lady Justice helped to design a new suit for Artisan, as well as a helmet that is able to enable her to talk.


Differing from the Original Artisan in the way she behaves, this Artisan is quite friendly and pleasant to be around. Although she has yet to speak a single word, her actions speak lots about her overall outgoingness and a general joy of doing what she does, whatever it is.

Abilities and Powers

  • Lucky: As with the original Artisan, this one is gifted with a fair amount of luck. However, she has no control over this power as things considered "lucky" just randomly happen to her.
  • Type Four Immortality: Artisan, being an Artisan, cannot actually die, but can be killed by standard means and, should her mask still be intact, will return to life afterwards after a period of time. The length of this time period is depended on how badly her body was damaged when she died. Death from Stabbing or Gunshots will take a day or two. Incineration will take considerably longer. If the mask is destroyed, so too will Artisan.


  • Infinity Sack: Artisan carries a pack on her back, from which she can produce a multitude of items, some of which should never have been able to fit in there in the first place.
  • Expandable Bow and Arrows: Typically stored inside of her backpack, these weapons are the most used of any items when Artisan is fighting crime. Each one is shaped like a small tube when collapsed and can expand to several times its original length.