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Player: @Zer0
Class Focus: Utility
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism - Arcana
Personal Data
Real Name: Jericho Kane
Known Aliases: Arkane, Hocus Pocus, Abra Kadabra, Mr. Black Magic
Species: Human (Wizard)
Age: Look early 20's
Height: 6'1
Weight: 80Kg
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Occupation: Street Magician, Collector of Arcane and Occult Artifacts, Occult Investigator
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Arcane Spells and Rituals
Known Abilities
Sleight of Hands, Magic Sensitivity, Immunity to Mind Intrusion
A deck of cards, various magical items


Some people say that Arkane got his first contact with Magic, when he tried to enter the mansion of a known Stage Magician.

After managing to enter the mansion, he would find a book on a pedestal, as he aproached it, he would be flinged back by a force blast into the wall. When he woke up, he could suddenly see the Magical source coming from the book, and as he touched the book he would feel a surge of power within his body. Grabbing the book and running off, while the crackling sounds could still be heard from the mansion.

They say that this also awakened his so called "Technology Allergy" to much tehcnology and his magical powers would interfere with it and eventually shut it down, or even worse, blow it all up.

Some say he made a pact with demons, or was born a demon and is now in disguise.

There's another story circulating of late, that Arkane was picked up from the streets by an old man, and tought everything the old man knew about magic, occult, and the supernatural, before he passed on. They say that the old man was over 800 years old.

Birth of a Wizard

((Things in this section isn't known to anyone unless told))

Jericho has no memory of the years before he was eight. His earliest memory takes him back to dirty alleys of some unknown city. He was an orphan living on the streets, doing all he could to survive, by begging for food or stealing it. Nobody cared for a dirty homeless child. It thought him one thing, don't expect help from others, and never give anything to anyone. When he didn't scavange for food for the day, he would spend most of his time, observing a street magician across the street, as he would do simple card tricks to fool people of their money, not that he was any better then the other beggers of the city, but at least he did it with abit more style then begging.

Beeing in his teens, he and some other orphan kids would do some quick jobs for a group known as the Crimson Hand. Pickpocketing and Burglary would be their needed services to the Hand. While Jericho prefered hustling people on the streets to outsmart the people of the upper classes, and for if only a few minutes, forget that they looked down on him for beeing an orphan.

Powers and Abilites