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Adam Jonathan Gareth is the protagonist to The Diary of Adam Gareth. He is the son of Mavus Shaw and Junon Gareth. He is the brother to his late twin sister, Josephine Gareth.

As the son of Junon, Adam inherits his mother's genes and becomes a conduit to the Achilles Force, a realm of vast energy rivalling that of the Power Force in terms of potential. Adam is classified as a Tier 2-3 speed-type meta human. After witnessing the death of his friend and uncle figure, Truman Venir, Adam decides to take action against the Aspects, a race of deities who descended from the skies to rain punishment upon discovering that their greatest soldier, Mogul, the Aspect of Sin was slain by the resistance forces of Croft and Corinth.

Adam took pieces of his father's old armour from his last battle against Mogul as well as his mother's dagger, Kronus. Geared up as a vigilante, the first in a long time in an apocalyptic Corinth, Adam fought the Aspects under the codename Arcbolt, alongside his sister, Jo, who went by the codename Worldstream. The brother and sister duo would engage in a guerrilla war against the Aspects, dubbing the resistance movement as New Darkstar.

After one fateful encounter with a group of Aspects, Jo was killed by Lapheth, the Aspect of Fury. Jo releases the last of her power to momentarily boost Adam's superspeed powers to greatly surpass the speed of light, sending him back in time to rewrite history. Training the people of the past to defeat the monsters of the future.


Adam's face is described by Mavus as almost identical to his, though slightly younger due to Adam being 19 years old. Adam's hair and eyes takes after his mother. His hair is light brown and curly similar to Junon's, and his eyes are described as intelligent. Adam is of mixed descent, Asian from his father, and Caucasian from his mother. Adam also inherits the iconic cyan eyes from all holders of the Achilles Force.

Junon describes Adam's face as one that has tried to smile many times, but masks a well of pain, like a "soldier who tries to be happy for the sake of others."

Adam possesses an athletic build from years of fighting and running as a vigilante. His build is comparable of that of Samuel Mason's after a year of training, albeit with slightly more body fat and lower muscle mass. Adam possesses a somewhat broad upper frame, and proportionally larger arms to a small extent, due to wielding Kronus in combat for many years.

Due to his evo being largely speed based, Adam sports athletic wear, typically wearing a sports t-shirt and black track pants, which are cladded with additional padding at the kneecaps and his waist. His left arm is cladded with the armouring of his father's Revision 9 Main suit, complete with the shell of his repulser glove which he uses to channel his Achilles Lightning.

Adam also keeps Kronus strapped to his waist pads and wears his mother's Darkstar jacket, as the two items bring him a combination of both strength and comfort during hard times.


Adam takes after his father in personality, occasionally making light of situations, but at a much edgier and more condescending tone. Adam is known to be sarcastic, and occasionally mutters things that others may find offensive.

Despite his personality, Adam suffers from severe PTSD. This was in part to his abuse from Mavus during his childhood, not knowing his mother, and the death of both his uncle figure and sister at the hands of the Aspects. Adam's hatred for Aspects become immense, leading him to become reckless and bringing out a darker, more murderous side of his personality when he loses control.

When fighting his enemies, Adam doesn't hesitate in severely injuring them as he believes in the principle that "the most painful injury is a better punishment than the most painful death". Adam's hatred for his father causes him to occasionally snap at the present Mavus.

Adam also takes after his mother in terms of finding ways to be optimistic and suppressing his feelings. When meeting Mogul, Adam suppresses his feelings of hatred and attempts to keep a level head, thinking before acting.

Due to living most of his life not knowing his mother and being abused by his father, Adam greatly craves a family. Even if he wants to or not, he occasionally calls Mavus "Dad" and Junon "Mom" by pure instinct.


Achilles Superspeed: Adam uses the Achilles Energy to boost his speed and reflexes to superhuman levels. At full speed, Adam was capable of easily breaking the sound barrier. This was especially effective in his war against the Aspects, as Adam was incapable of dealing significant damage or fighting them head to head. Adam's speed was fast enough to evade and quickly escape multiple Aspects. When using his superspeed, Adam's body sparks with cyan electricity, and his eyes glow cyan, similar to his parents when they use their powers. At full speed, Adam's brown curly hair stands up on end, becoming spikier. After absorbing his sister's Achilles Energy, Adam's speed becomes faster, and at full speed, Adam is able to generate wormholes to other points in space or dimensions, however the effort drains him immensely, limiting the number of bursts to two a day.

Achilles Electrokinesis: Adam is able to harness the Achilles Energy to deliver powerful jolts of cyan electricity. However, his control of the power is subpar, and is highly destructive. Adam resorts to channeling the power into either Kronus, or Mavus' Repulser glove to better control the blasts of electricity.

Achilles Connection: Adam is able to telepathically link with other users of the Achilles Force through his memories. This was used on his father during his battle against Mogul, where Mavus saw his son's childhood memories in his own perspective.

Limited Technopathy: Adam inherits his father's genes to manipulate technology, but at a very small extent. Adam's control over machines is inferior, compared to his father, as he was only able to sense and understand a piece of technology, but unable to manipulate it to his liking. As a result, if Adam wishes to repurpose a piece of technology, he ultimately needs to repurpose it with his own hands and skill, rather than willing it like his father could.


Kronus: Adam wielded Kronus, to honour his late mother. Paired with his superspeed, Adam is capable of dealing slashing damage at an overwhelming speed and frequency, typically dispatching his opponents very quickly in the blink of an eye. Adam keeps Kronus strapped to his belt.

R9 Main Fragments: Adam also wears fragments of his father's R9 suit, in particular, his shoulder pad and repulser glove which he uses to channel his electrokinesis.

Junon's Jacket: Adam usually is seen wearing his mother's jacket. The jacket is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and stress, as a result, the jacket is capable of shielding any clothes or items underneath when Adam uses his superspeed.


Josephine Gareth

Josephine "Jo" Gareth is Adam's twin sister. A meta human inheriting her mother's Achilles Energy genes, Jo was classified a Tier 1 threat due to her immense telekinetic potential. Her vigilante persona was dubbed the Worldstream as she was capable of lifting entire landforms and hurling them at her enemies.

Adam loved Jo with all his heart, frequently acting as the "older twin". Jo in turn, looked to Adam as an older brother figure. The two would always play together in their broken home, and Jo would always hide behind Adam whenever their father would have his drunken fits. Despite Jo looking up to him, Adam held an inferiority complex to his sister, believing her to be more powerful than he was. Adam saw his superspeed as weaker than Jo's telekinesis.

When Jo was killed by Lapheth, Adam became severely traumatized, and sought revenge on all the Aspects, particularly Lapheth.

Junon Gareth

Junon died giving birth to Adam and Josephine. As a result, Adam never knew his mother. Mavus, shaken by Junon's death, became detached from the world, falling into a depression. As a result, Adam was never able to ask his father about Junon, and would always consult old photos of the two together, or Junon's old photos she had kept in her old room.

Adam's one desire was to see his mother in person, and deeply respects her for her heroics during her time in Darkstar. A testament to this is the fact that Adam always had his mother's knife strapped to his belt, always wielding it in battle despite better and more balanced alternatives. When Jo sent Adam away, she sent him to the past, where she could make Adam's dream to meeting their mother become a reality.

Even when in the past, Junon did not doubt Adam on his claims of being her future son. She treated him as her own child, causing Adam to trust her even more.

Mavus Shaw

Adam's relationship with his father is strained, due to his drinking addiction as well as his depression over Junon's death. In his childhood, a drunk Mavus would abuse Adam and his sister, giving him PTSD. Adam sees Mavus as "pathetic" due to believing that Mavus would not use his so called Tier Zero superpowers as he was too scared to fight the Aspects, when in reality he had already lost his powers saving everybody from Mogul. Adam resented his father for never revealing details on his mother due to the pain of recalling their time together.

Adam refuses to call himself by his legal surname "Shaw", and rather adopts his mother's maiden name "Gareth". He also despises using his technopathy abilities, as he believes using it would make him like his father.

When Adam met Mavus from the past, he begins to restore a little bit of faith in his father, but occasionally snaps at him due to post traumatic stress.

Truman Venir

One of the last surviving members of the Mogul Resistance at the time, Truman acted as Adam's uncle figure, with the boy referring to him as "Uncle Truman". Truman tells Adam about his adventures with Junon and Mavus. It is Truman who tells Adam that his mother was a powerful woman who helped turn the tide against the Aspect of Sin. Part of Adam's admiration for his mother was due in part to Truman's admiration to her as well.

When Truman is killed by the Aspects, Adam decides to use his powers to battle the Aspects in a guerrilla war. Despite the overwhelming odds, knowing that if Junon and Darkstar were alive today, they would have done the same.