AR.KI.NE. Six-Two

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AR.KI.NE. Six-Two
Player: @ScarredSilencer
Biographical Data
Real Name: Skye Santos Velasquez
Known Aliases: Skye Eden Lawson
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Place of Birth: Valencia, Spain, Europe
Base of Operations: Unknown
Relatives: Adalina Velasquez (Deceased)
Donato Velasquez (Deceased)
Hector Velasquez (Deceased)
Vinny Hernandez (Deceased)
Marta Hernandez
Daniela Garcia
Juan Garcia
Age: 28
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 147lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Light Brown
Complexion: Golden tan
Physical Build: Athletic, Strong
Physical Features: Tribal Tattoos
Right Eye Scar
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 10 years
Citizenship: North America
South America
Occupation: Arms Dealer
Education: K-12, Some College
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
See Below
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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"I'm not a criminal. You know I'm not, but hey, we live in a world of lies. I can understand why you wouldn't mind defaulting to being manipulated, because not thinking for yourself is too easy." - AR.KI.NE Six-Two.


Appearance - Skye Santos Velasquez is a Hispanic Woman standing at a total height of five feet and six inches, weighing in at one hundred forty seven pounds. Her eyes are a pale de-contrasted shade of green, her skin is a semi-dark yellowish brown tan, and she is frequently seen without any form of make up. A distinct scar that would appear to look like a knife wound goes up her right eye. Her right eye, miraculously, seems to have sustained no damage from said scar. Her hair color is a light brown, with highlighted streaks of various other shades of light brown. She has two stud earrings on her left ear, and a regular silver earring on her right. Skye's overall form is muscled, yet more athletic than anything else. When exposed, Skye has tribal tattoos in various locations on her body, very likely from a rebellious teen phase. Her skin looks as if it has sustained scars in various locations from various incidents. Most of which are covered up, as Skye dresses herself well in attempts to cover up.

Personality - Skye used to be rather outgoing and overall a friendly and upbeat individual. Ever since she's become the AR.KI.NE., her social ability has whittled away, and isn't much of a talker. She's generally watchful and vigilant, studying details and her surroundings as if every situation she was going to walk into was going to head South. She doesn't dwell negatively though, and isn't dark and brooding. She tries to keep her mindset on the positives, even if everything is so negative. Though her ability to make small talk is extremely low, and often finds conversation awkward, both for herself and the other person involved. If she's talked to, she'll respond, but it'll be the shortest and most direct response she can make, avoiding making connections with people. She generally has a big heart, and cares for a lot of people, in the indirect manner that she wants none of them associated with herself for fear of endangering them, as she has learned the hard way in the past.

Even though she's mastered the art of lying to people's faces and manipulating people, that only makes her charismatic skills worse as she feels she's not being real with the people she meets, and it internally bothers her. Aside from her social flaws, Skye is confident and very brave. She has no fear of death, and very strongly believes every plan she makes will succeed. Because of that strong belief, it often makes the follow through true, as she is intelligent tactics wise and always has a back up plan. Another flaw to her personality is since she's so distant from other people, she frequently longs for the times in the past where she didn't have to worry about that, and longs to have at least one friend close to herself that she won't endanger by involving them in her life.

History of the AR.KI.NE.

"Let it be known that the AR.KI.NE. is the one truth, and the one liberator from evil. He henceforth onward from this day will always be branded a criminal, as I have been, and be tried in the fires of combat and war. If I die now, the AR.KI.NE. will still live on, seeking justice wherever they may be." - AR.KI.NE One - Six-Two.


1347 A.D. - There once was a diminutive country bordering Wales in Europe prior to it's eventual acquisition by the name of "Oxtreath". This country had a significantly low population of just over 1,042 people tightly bunched up within their borders. The country was ruled by King Cedric the Second, underneath an iron fist. His guards and soldiers were on watch all around the main city and the taxation rates were high, filling Cedric's treasury. One man had decided enough was enough. This man's name was Cassius Arkine, just a mere blacksmith.

1348 A.D. - During the continual months of Cedric's rule, he was made aware there were civil uprisings and riots, bent on overthrowing the King. Most ended up being scattered by his guards, until their numbers started dwindling. The civilians of this city were getting armed from somewhere, so Cedric had every blacksmith in the city arrested and put to death for high treason. When the blacksmiths were about to be hung, Cedric demanded who incited all the violence and riots in his lands. The blacksmiths simply replied, "The Arkine will avenge us." The night of the hanging, civilians stormed the castle, creating all out civil war with the King's guards. During said distraction, Cassius Arkine himself had snuck into the castle, intent on killing the king in his sleep. Cassius slew fifty of the king's men, and faced the King himself in the throne room. Cassius had sustained three arrow wounds to his body, but he fought on, regardless of his dying state. They had dueled each other for only a mere two minutes before Cassius dismembered the King's leg, then took off his head. By this point, crossbowmen had broken into the room after falling back from the onslaught the villagers had brought. Cassius sat down on the throne, and declared,

"Let it be known that the Arkine is the one truth, and the one liberator from evil. He henceforth onward from this day will always be branded a criminal, as I have been, and be tried in the fires of combat and war. I only sought the assassination of King Cedric for his crimes against his people, so that they may be free, and decide what they wish to do with this country. Understand, if you kill me now, the Arkine will still live on, seeking justice wherever they may be." - Cassius Arkine

Cassius was promptly shot to death by the crossbowmen, and died on the throne.

1349 A.D. - Months afterward, Wales agreed to the acquisition of Oxtreath under the rule of a new, benevolent King. During this time, the Arkine's son was coming of age to be a man, and believed his father to be a hero. He discovered a secret basement to his father's smithery, and saw all the tools, the plans, his wealth, and instructions on how he managed to take the castle with the aid of the villagers. This young man's name was Dain, and he soon too donned the mantle, becoming Arkine Two.

1941 A.D. - A.T.D. (Anti-Terrorism Directive) is instated by the U.S. government, later to be a secret part of the U.N., as a counter measure to AR.KI.NE. activity suspected to be in league with the Third Reich. AR.KI.NE. Five-Nine intended on assassinating Adolf Hitler to end the second World War. The act ended in failure, and Five-Nine was killed at a later date by A.T.D. specialists, marking the first AR.KI.NE. to be killed by the A.T.D., and marking it's successful start as a secret military organization.

2014 A.D. - Many have donned the mantle "Arkine" since then, and it has become an acronym, standing for "Assassin Reknown, Keen Intelligence, National Enemy." Whether they fought for truth and justice is unbeknownst to many, and only known by the AR.KI.NE. themselves. This title has been passed down through the generations either by death or living till old age by each prior AR.KI.NE. to the next, not necessarily of blood, but who they deemed worthy of carrying a title that carried so much weight and danger with it. The individual title itself has been branded a terrorist, and any who carry it immediately make themselves an enemy of the nation. This is headed by the A.T.D., or Anti-Terrorism Directive, instated in February 14th, 1941, as the AR.KI.NE. was believed falsely to be aiding the Nazis during World War II. The A.T.D. has since become a secret government funded PMC group designed and instructed strictly to deal with threats such as the AR.KI.NE.

Equipment and Paraphernalia

"Chances are, if a prior AR.KI.NE. had it, I have it." - AR.KI.NE Six-Two.


The Armory - The AR.KI.NE. Armory is anything but small. Early on, AR.KI.NE. One-Two decided there should be a vault that contained all the weapons, equipment, and tools that prior AR.KI.NE's have used. Throughout the ages, this armory has moved location dozens of times for the sake of secrecy. Such paraphernalia ranges anything from a simple knife, to rifles, to rocket launchers and even vehicles such as a tank or jet. Most commonly the AR.KI.NE. took upon the job of a smith or dealer to acquire various weapons, and with said weapons, acquired the vehicles. Payments were made to AR.KI.NE's in their off time working a real job for a large amount of money, which of course, was mostly dumped into their secret title's job, and sometimes, the armory for future AR.KI.NE. title holders to get a head start. The historic value of this armory is near priceless at this point, due to containing weapons dating all the way back to the Middle Ages.

Arming and Arms Drops - Most AR.KI.NE. title carriers are never unarmed, even stripped down to their basic civilian dress. Six-Two is no exception. Wearing her typical every day attire, she frequently carries at least three magazines for a USP .45, strapped into a shoulder holster. If things get too hot, it's not uncommon she'll leave other gear hidden nearby to pick up. Typically, a military grade Mk 16 SCAR-L. When fully geared, Skye is always armed for the right location. The proper camouflage is worn, layers of kevlar, Night Vision if necessary, Frag grenades, Flash grenades, a Smoke grenade, a combat knife, an assault rifle (Mk 16 SCAR-L is the preference), and a handgun (USP .45 is the preference). Though sometimes, dependent on situation, the firearm selection will change, or Skye will take an additional firearm such as a Marksman rifle. AR.KI.NE. carriers have always wanted the ability to make something available to them at the click of a button, and typically have an arms drop available to them within a quick flick of a button or dial of an encrypted phone to a paid associate. It's very uncommon an AR.KI.NE. would carry something such as an RPG or heavy weapon into battle, it's more frequently arms dropped for them, so it's fast to pick up, fast to fire, and then promptly discarded to maintain speed and efficiency. Of course, every AR.KI.NE. operates differently, and Skye only calls in what she needs in specific situations. For the most part, she's well prepared, even if it requires tucking an extra handgun or knife away.

Utilities and Utility Drops - Tools wise, AR.KI.NE. title carriers make sure to have the most important gear on them. It's extremely common for one to carry a swiss army knife, lighter, collapsible bolt cutters, flares, and handcuff cutters. Dependent on situation, they may also be carrying emergency warmth covers, rations, or anything else they may need on an extended trip in another country, city, or otherwise. AR.KI.NE. carriers also have the option to have a utility drop, much like an arms drop, but for utility uses. These deliveries are a little more difficult to send, as they are typically outside the AR.KI.NE.'s usual operation area. Vehicle deliveries also entail the utility drop category, and are easily the slowest of all three drops, as they need to be driven to a location, rented, or air dropped by a chopper.

Chapter 1: Six-One

"The world as you know it, is like a show. It's a performance of facades and shadows, geared towards the specific audience it's trying to hide it's true purpose from. If you step past the curtains, it's nothing more than just that, a well constructed lie, and once it's exposed the curtains come burning to the ground." - AR.KI.NE Six-One.


AR.KI.NE. Six-One, otherwise known as Derrek Strakken, was Six-Two's teacher. He lived a good measure of his life in Ireland during his more adult years, having been born in Sheffield, England. He was formerly a secret service agent for England just before eliminating AR.KI.NE. Six-Zero, of whom abused the title of the AR.KI.NE. to get rich and cause mass mayhem. Strakken uncovered the secrets of the AR.KI.NE. at a later date, finding out that the original intended purpose of the title was to take justice into one's own hands, and wield it. He soon took up the mantle, and quit his job in the secret service, moving to Las Vegas, Nevada. During his term as AR.KI.NE., he set up to eliminate specific politicians in league with the A.T.D., as he strongly believed that the A.T.D. had the purely wrong impression that the AR.KI.NE. was strictly a terrorist and not a hero. While not actually killing them, and rather putting them out of the picture through shady deals and backhanded tactics through politics, Strakken was of course, branded a criminal by the U.S. Government. One such man, Hector Velasquez, was a politician with heavy sway from Nevada, and was going to run a rally to support a cause that permitted the A.T.D. to field mercenaries in states where AR.KI.NE. presence was assumed. Strakken's fairly long term as AR.KI.NE. pushed him a bit to the wrong side, starting to believe what teachings AR.KI.NE. Six-Zero had to offer.

"The only good politician is a dead one. They backstab, manipulate, and poison the masses with a swift flick of a pen and a smile upon seeing their paycheck." - AR.KI.NE Six-Zero.

As the words had rung as 'true' under Strakken's mind, he shot Hector Velasquez in the back of the head during the rally, causing mass panic. This being a massive mistake, this caused congress to silently pass the agreement to field A.T.D. operatives in a location where the AR.KI.NE. was assumed to have taken root. Strakken regretted this decision, and immediately made for his escape route, killing police officers and A.T.D. operators on his way out. His mask fell loose, and only one person had seen his face. A curious sixteen year old hispanic girl, by the name of Skye. The daughter of Hector. Strakken didn't notice the girl, as he was too focused on escaping. Skye would remember forever that face, memorized in only a few split seconds. A mission of vengeance had been started, against the murderer of her father.

Chapter 2: Six-Two

"I didn't want to be the next AR.KI.NE., but vengeance clouded my judgement. The fires that fueled my hatred caused me to lose everything I had, and now I'm here. Stuck with a title, and a target branded to my back." - AR.KI.NE Six-Two.


Skye Santos Velasquez grew up a troubled teenager, acting like a rebel and having her opinions swayed and clouded by the wrong kind of crowd at youth. This was due to the lack of proper parenting, as her father was frequently away, and her mother was very frequently busy. Her older brother Donato, was potentially the only one she truly looked up to. However, family was extremely important to all of them. Family was what kept them together and through thick and thin. Skye's rebel phase slowly drifted away once she started hitting the age of sixteen, and recognizing just how important to her they really were. One day she was brought to one of her father's rallies, as she was his daughter, after all, and the whole family was present. When Hector had been killed, Skye immediately flung into action, running away from her family to discover who would dare lift a finger to hurt her family. Only catching the face of the killer, she memorized as much as she could of it. Eventually her brother Donato caught up to her, and pulled her back, bringing her back to her family in the midst of the chaos. After this point, Skye never made mention of the man she saw to the police, or any operatives in the area. She wanted to bring him down herself.

Later on, Hector Velasquez's funeral was held. The whole Velasquez and extended family attended the funeral, with a rather sombre tone. Skye, though, was filled with hate and anger, because she had recognized one of the members at the funeral. It was the same man who killed her father. Skye went up to him, in private, and asked why he did it. The man didn't respond. Skye pushed forward a ruse, that she hated politics and wanted to take them down just like the man had. The man seemed unmoved, until Skye pleaded with him that this was the life she truly wanted. The man saw eventual potential in this young girl, and mentioned his name was Derrek Karlovich, and that training began at an old catholic church that was no longer in operation, a few miles outside Vegas. Skye nodded, and then left the man alone after receiving instruction. She was one step closer to getting on his good side.

For years, Skye trained with AR.KI.NE. Six-One, training to become just as good of an assassin as he. Years passed where Skye would say she'd be taking up a new hobby of 'urban exploring' and then go train with Six-One for hours on end. This was several years ago. Skye reached the age of twenty three, before Six-One cut her training off. One night at the church, Six-One had descended into a form of paranoia, and was more aware. He took a guess that the new, Six-Two, was actually plotting his death. It became more obvious. The way she looked at him, with that burning hatred, it wasn't for society or the government, she grew out of that. It was also strange, that night, Skye, or, now Six-Two, came to training armed. Six-One declared that her training was over, and that she had no more to learn. Six-Two knew he was lying, and that he had only covered a majority. The resulting argument then blew up into a firefight, brought down to a hand to hand combat duel. Six-One was much better than Skye, and managed, partway through combat, to nick the front of her face with a combat knife. Miraculously, Skye moved just enough out of the way for him to miss her eye. This scar would forever be a constant reminder of just how close she was to missing her mark. It was only willpower and intuition that kept Skye going, as she was getting far too beat up to continue. It would come to pass that Skye managed to kill Six-One by utilizing a combination of a shard of glass and ripped cloth to make a shiv, and then stabbing Six-One by sheer luck, in the neck. To finish off the famed assassin, she reclaimed her handgun, but not before he had something to say.

"You're missing the big picture, Skye. This is so much bigger than you really think it is. This isn't just some amateur title that you carry, it's a several ton weight, crushing your body, little by little. It holds the blood of hundreds, maybe even thousands of people, lies, betrayal, and murder, all in the name of justice. I understand. You're angry. You miss your father. But killing me won't bring him back. Killing me will only raise the fires of hell, and you will suffer. You will lose everything in a trade off for vengeance. Trust me." - AR.KI.NE Six-One.

Upon hearing the words "trust me", Skye had pulled the trigger, and killed Six-One. She returned home, in full gear, bleeding from knife wounds, and had to explain to her brother and her mother that she had been training to avenge Hector. Her mother was angry, and her brother was disappointed. They thought she knew better. Even more so, they were shocked that she had taken upon the title of AR.KI.NE., something her father worked so hard to bring to the ground. Skye tried her hardest to explain that she only did it to take him down, and nothing else. Little did she know that the title was something of worth. Skye inevitably, had to be brought to the hospital, to get treatment for her wounds, and was played off that she was attacked by a mugger in an alley of Vegas.

After being treated, it was roughly a month or two later, and normal life had resumed. Skye was taking online courses for a college, studying away, when the Velasquez household was raided. A.T.D. Operatives broke into the house to arrest the family. Somehow, they had found out they were directly associated with the AR.KI.NE., Skye. Skye's mother was the first to be taken in, but Donato and Skye both escaped the household. Donato swore to Skye that he would protect her, no matter what the cost. Skye gave Donato a handgun, and armed herself, in an attempt to escape from Vegas. A.T.D. Operatives engaged in hot pursuit of the vehicle Skye and her brother were escaping in, before they were stopped by way of a road block. Donato promised Skye he would meet up with her later, and urged her to escape on foot while they had time. Skye, absolutely refused to have him stay behind, and broke off from the vehicle on foot to alternate cover. Donato held off the A.T.D. Operatives, killing two of them, and with Skye's marksmanship, killed off the other three. They both ran off down alleyways in different streets, just before Donato was gunned down by an A.T.D. marksman. Skye was utterly heartbroken, and the visual shocked her to the core. She couldn't stop moving, though. Skye ran away from the grisly scene, eventually, getting away. It was then a priority to save her mother. What little of her close family she had left.

In the coming months, Skye found out that her mother was going to be killed by firing squad in a secure A.T.D. facility, for direct association with the AR.KI.NE. Skye could not handle losing another family member, and pushed forward with planning how to break her mother out. By the time that the event was about to take place, though, Skye didn't have enough time to plot out a full-blown plan. It was much too complex and would take too much time to get set up. Skye instead, decided she would shoot the men who were going to kill her mother. Skye drove to Texas, of which was where the event was about to take place, after discovering the true location of the A.T.D. prison facility, and arrived with only a minute or two to spare. By the time Skye had reached the rooftop, and killed two A.T.D. operatives slowing her down, it was too late. She watched her mother, amongst other inmates, get gunned down by the firing squad. Skye dropped to her knees, hoping that her mother at least got the chance to see her before she had died. Skye left, and begun her life alone, heading back to Vegas to pack her things and equipment, and eventually, learn of the location of the AR.KI.NE. vault in Michigan, heading to that location to start her life as the new AR.KI.NE., accepting that, her life would not end without paying back the A.T.D. for what they had done to her family. One would think she had not already learned her lesson.

"Vengeance is a dangerous wild fire. If you do not control it, you risk burning everything around you." - AR.KI.NE Four-Eight.


Chapter 3: Six-Three