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Fourteen thousand years ago, North America was entrenched in a primordial ice age by an entity known as the spirit of Ice. In the region now known as Lynx Fold, a group of brave shaman assist the great Land Spirit in battling the Ice spirit for the fate of North America.

The Inuit God, Kigatilik, elects to side with the spirit of Ice, betraying his fellow deities. The great Land spirit defeats the spirit of Ice, and Kigatilik is exiled from the Inuit Pantheon, entombed in a frosty prison to stew in his rage.

But North America remains in peril. For Kigatilik bides his time, plotting his vengeance upon those who betrayed and defeated him. An agent of devouring frost and cold, all that lives and breaths the warmth of life is the bane of his existence. And if his fury were to be released upon the world, North America may very well slip into yet another great Ice Age.

I am Akna, Inuit Goddess of fertility and childbirth...and I have chosen my champion...

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Action/Science Fiction/Drama