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((Work in progress.))

Grand Chancellor Rygeltan of the Tamerithian United Council stood before a master control unit in the Great Hall of the planetary capitol city of New Tameroth. He was clad in dark grey robes of fine leather detailed sequentially with bright silver trim adorning the masterful, decorative tailor work. His bright white hair was bound in a long braid that dangled down the length of his back. The red flesh of his pointed ears peeked from behind the sleek, oblong profile of his cranium as his head subtly shifted back and forth in concert with the feverish movements of his hands along the face of the alien control module. The holographic GUI interfaces were dancing and singing with flashing red symbols and strange, cosmically foreign tones and audible notes that invoke a familiar sense of urgency and alarm.

A brilliant, atmospheric flash of pale gold light accompanied by a bellowing clap of rolling thunder interrupted Rygeltan's focus, and he gave a weary glance of his shoulder, his narrow, geometric and seemingly sculpted facial structure revealed as his crimson eye lids slide across his jet black gems several times. He turned his body around, back now to the control module, correcting his posture as he waited patiently.

A streak of star light entered the Great Hall at a speed too fast for the naked, mortal eye. From Rygeltan's perspective, Movizaris Vintius, the being known in multiple galaxies as Lode Star, appeared before him in a blinding, intense flash. Lode Star was dressed in the noblest of Tamerithian attires. His suit was of fine leather similar to that of Rygeltan's garments. The fabric was a pure, angelic white with decorative, stylised gold detail woven into the stitching. Across the chest was woven an insignia of a tribal star with sharp, curvy wings extending from either side toward the shoulder which held a silken gold cape around his collar. He too was Tamerithian, and had the same physical features characterised by their rosy complexion, geometric bone structure and pointed ears. Movizaris held a slain alien being in his left hand, hoisted off its feet and dangling lifelessly. The being had a very humanoid anatomy concealed by detailed black battle armor with many decorative, overlapping layers of plating that seemed to compose its design.

"What fate has Tamerith begotten, Rygeltan?!" Lode Star asked urgently and with the gravity and intensity of a collapsing star as he gazed up and down the lifeless being he held, gazing upon this strange new foe for the very first time.

"Our enemy attacked en mass, Lord Lode Star!" Rygeltan answered him in a panicked, flustered state. Their home-and only-world was falling around them to an enemy they were unable to identify, much less defeat.

"We are routed in every region and all attempts to evacuate the Denizens have failed," Rygeltan explained hastily, once again returning his hands and attention to the control module. He hesitated. A wave of emotion, perhaps even dread filled him up to his brim as he let the words escape his lips. "I fear they have all perished."

Movizaris tossed the corpse carelessly on the floor, its limbs thrashing around like a well-worked-in rag doll at the mercy of his might. He clinched his fists tightly, a deep expression of outrage gripping his rosy, chiseled face. A star fire began to flicker and burn within the cores of his black eyes. He didn't know who had attacked his peaceful people or even why. But they were about to find out that they had picked the wrong planet.

"Remain here," Movizaris commanded the Chancellor and leader of his people. Lode Star had lived for over two-thousand years, guiding his planet and leading them forward as they became the most influential, peaceful planet in the five galaxies. He'd be damned if anyone, or anything was going to destroy it now.

Movizaris emerged from a flash of star light, high above the surface of Tamerith. He held his form at a hover, observing the systematic, reckless ruin of his home world. Everywhere he could see up to the curvature of the horizon was fraught with chaos, death and destruction. Alien beings in black armor cutting down everything in sight, raising structures to the ground for little more than what seemed like a show of force. Perhaps even an unrelenting desire to see this world reduced to a barren catacomb of a once prosperous civilization.

His body slowly became enveloped by a radiant glow of burning hot star light as his dark sockets began to shine like twin supergiants. At a speed equal to roughly twice that of light, Lode Star hurdled his body headlong toward the surface of Tamerith, flight path arching parallel to the ground as he gained quarter on the topography of New Tameroth. His presence was undeniable, and inescapable to the invaders, who he had anticipated to be ambushed by his arrival. The masses shifted their attention to the Living Star as he made contact with the surface like a meteor, a brilliant solar flare of star fire surging forth from the point of impact like a nuclear shockwave. Rather than cause blunt trauma or exert physical force upon its victims, the flare eviscerated their corporeal forms in an enveloping light.

The divine semi-sphere of shimmering, lethal glory dimmed into several flickers before fading away into a hanging silence in the wake of those claimed by the flare. At the center of the blast radius, Movizaris slowly rose from his left knee, fists clenched, chin dipped low. The obsidian cores of his sockets were concealed by a thin layer of vermillion flesh as the tip of his long, Grecian nose lifted high to pronounce his perfect posture. They opened slowly as yet another wave of these strange beings emerged around him as if teleporting into place rather than having to travel any sort of distance at all. A vaporous, ethereal mass of smoky black energy began to emanate and rise from their bodies.

The feverish exchanges would play out blow by blow at speeds faster than the naked eye could discern. Two alien beings propelled forth like twin torpedoes on matching paths set to clip Lode Star's head clean off his shoulders with the small, obsidian-like blade they held outward with tight grips and skilled wrists. Lode Star squared his hips in anticipation as he tucked both fists across his chest, elbows each pointing outward. He braced ever so slightly as the beings gained quarter, rotating his forearms on 90-degree angles, the trunks of both thumbs making contact with each of the being's wrists, just below the blades they brandished. Upon contact, he flared the angle of each forearm outward enough to redirect the path of their thrusts clear of his body entirely. At which point, his twin knife hands twisted forward, shifting into twin tiger claws, and at speeds perhaps too great for the mysterious, destructive beings, Movizaris threw his entire body into dual linear palm strikes. As each strike made ferocious contact with the facial armor of both alien beings, Movizaris propelled his body forward a short distance, making sure every bystander would see what sort of fate awaited each and every one of them. The slumped alien corpses flailed to an ungraceful stop on either of his rear flanks as he steady his body into a majestic hover, arms crossed sternly.