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Deep underneath Millennium City underlies where the old ruins of the original Detroit still remain to this day. Along the long stretch of Woodward Ave. in the midtown section was where this exchange was about to go down, namely within the DIA Center. The Detroit Institute of Art was once famous and renowed for the many accomplishments and displays of various artwork that gave the crumbling city a sense of hope. Now, it was to be used to auction off weapons of potential mass destruction to a number of seedy organizations, gangs, and affiliates. Tonight, however, there would be several superheroes there to intercept. But a few blocks over was a two story pub-and-grill named, "Mr. Z's"; this would be the meeting place for the heroes to meet up before the exchange went down. SoulStar was one step past the screen doors, standing head-to-toe in red armor with a white mask in hand. He was standing before a holographic display of a city, presumably the city itself.

Not too far away from the armored man was male, six foot two inches with broad shoulders, a shaved head, and a sullen expression on his face. His suit was expensive and tailored. A keen eye would be able to tell it allowed for more movement, as the fabric was more forgiving on mobility than most formal wear. On his left hand he wore a crimson glove, and upon his feet he wore a pair of polished boots. They called him "Red Hand Hank", and he was currently in the midst of cleaning a pair of blue tinted teashades.

Nano Point joined up with the rest of the heroes at the meeting point. Dyed hair, a nice self inflicted scar on the face for the occasion: she was posing as "Mother", the representative of a mercenary band operating mostly in Africa and allegedly known for their occasional use of child soldiers as cannon fodder. "Call me Mother," she simply said upon arrival.

"Glad to see ya on board," Soul remarked to them as he could already tell just by the way they walked in who they were, and he was frankly a bit relieved. The low ambient lighting of the half-destroyed establishment was a bit of a dour but that couldn't be helped. "We don't have a whole lot of time so I'm gonna have to get you up to speed on the nitty gritty. Here."

Soulstar walked up to both of them, handing them two small devices and what looked to be a silver card to each of them, "The tiny devices are explosives and the other ones are visas to dummy accounts in the Caymen Islands. They are each set to the amount of 40 million. That's our budget each. When we get to the DIA remember that just across the street about half a block away is Wayne State University. Right at the crosswalk sign there there is an emergency transport telepad set up by A.S.A.P. They snuck it in unnoticed the other night in preparation. The DIA itself is just a few blocks from here. Remember: I'm the Red Moon. We cannot give away who we are at all unless we are forced to. Any questions?"

Taking the device that was handed to him, "Hank" took a moment to inspect it. "So if all goes according to plan we should have any need to break our cover, correct?" he inquired in a gruff Jersey-accented voice. "Mother" asked, "And what are the explosives for?"

"Basically don't break cover unless you have to. Which frankly you shouldn't." SoulStar remarked back to them as he was donning his Red Moon guise helmet. As he secured it on he would then answer "Mother's" inquiry. "For the auction items we don't win. Or do win. We plant them on the items in question either way and when given the signal blow them up. And we gotta do it as soon as they think they are in the clear and as soon as the auction is done. Then we make a break for it."

Just then, Jaguar arrived in a possibly purposefully late manner, readjusting his cap when he got inside. It was a bit chilly out. "Sounds like I just missed the plan, but what I can guess? Lay low, be a scumbag, get what we can, screw over what we can't?"

Mother nodded at his arrival, saying in a laconical fashion, "Basically."

"I'd recommend giving the kid bomb duty," said Hank as he stepped away from the wall, slipping the teashades back onto his brow in the process.

"That.. is actually pretty accurate." The Red Moon would nod his head in response to Jaguar's late but still decently informed introduction. Of course he just approached him and also gave him another explosive device and a visa of his own with the dummy account. When Hank made that suggestion about the bombs he agreed. He was the fastest amongst them and would go the most unnoticed. That would be perfect! "Quick change in plans. Hand Jag your bombs to him. Jag? I need you to do this for me, okay? I'll re-inform you on the other stuff via comms. Also make sure your comms are ready to go too. We're about to head into the nest. You guys ready to f*** them over?"